Esports Odds Guide & Odds comparison Find The Best Betting Odds

Smaller bets and larger odds will allow you to effectively limit your losses without staking large amounts. Every bettor wants a hefty bonus when they open a new account at an Esports betting site. Now, we have published extensively on the topic of welcome bonuses, so read our betting bonuses review or a comprehensive overview. The name of the team competing will be flanked by the markets odds at the betting site, and you may be able to bet on more obscure markets. Consider the stake you would like to bet with – always bearing in mind the risk involved with these selections.

  • It was a logical step for the biggest online sportsbooks to jump on this emerging industry and try to stay ahead of the competition.
  • For the same example above, the decimal odds for this esports match would be translated to Virtus Pro (1.581) and Evil Geniuses (2.313).
  • Just like how that friendly kickabout in your backyard isn’t called professional soccer, playing a random ranked match online also doesn’t qualify as esports.

In general, the odds on King Football are also particularly royal. The situation is somewhat different with eSports sports betting odds. Here we have presented all relevant information on the current state of the best Esports betting sites for gambling and bettors. For any specific inquiries, please email us at for further clarification. New players of Esports may fall into the trap of betting on a concept known as chain logic.

How to read Esports Betting Odds

It sounds obvious, but make sure you take your time and choose the best book for you. In all the excitement of wanting to place a wager, you could be tempted to just use the first book you use. Make sure the site offers all the esports you could possibly wish to wager on. If you are looking for in-game wagering, make sure the book takes live bets. a total noob Make sure that the lines are the best you can possibly find. American Odds can take a little time to get used to, but there are other ways of reading odds, and decimal and fractional are often easier to interpret. For the same example above, the decimal odds for this esports match would be translated to Virtus Pro (1.581) and Evil Geniuses (2.313).

Online eSports betting Odds Lines Unibet USA Sportsbook

We know it is overwhelming and you can be paralyzed with choice but we vetted all of the books and selected the best for esports fans. publishes daily content and sports data, including scoreboards, team stats, player stats, odds, and occasional betting advice by professional pundits. is NOT a betting site; all views and opinions expressed on this site by our contributors are solely their own and they do not represent’s views or policies.

Top Esports Betting Sites

This sportsbook consistently outperforms the competition, albeit not by much, but if you’re looking for the best Esport odds, BetMGM is a good place to start. Now that you have all the information you could need on betting on esports, go forth and find the book that best works for you. Licensed sportsbooks like Unibet will offer you the chance to bet on eSports if it’s legal in your state. Whether it’s NBA or NCAA action you’d like to bet on, Rivalry has you covered.

Whether this one also works out remains to be seen, but the dreams of world conquest from the early days are surely long gone now. An extremely important part of placing any bet is knowing the odds, so this is also true when it comes to Esports odds. If you do not know how to bet on esports, one of the first steps is learning about the different types of odds out there. Odds are what will help a bookmaker calculate the amount a bettor should win based on the stake they have put up for a bet. At the time of writing, Esports is a thriving betting market that offers some great bonuses. Be sure to check the laws in your state before signing up to a top eSports betting site. Finding the right sportsbook to make your esports wagers on can be difficult.


Killing Barons is key in League of Legends but is not a factor in FIFA Soccer. That element of gameplay could make soccer even more exciting but it’s not there. Map betting won’t appear for every eSports contest but it’s in place for many of the bigger games. Where there’s a map there’s a market as this set of odds confirms.

  • And our basketball betting offer includes all of the major leagues.
  • We have listed the best Esports betting sites after an extensive and thorough review process.
  • Gaming is not the only thing we’re serious about, keeping you and your money safe while betting online is right up there as well.
  • If the figure quoted by the odds is negative, the moneyline odds are quoting how much money must be put at stake to win $100.