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If you’re looking for a used option, shop places like Facebook Marketplace for desks and chairs. People are always selling office furniture that might be perfect for your home. If you work from home, you need a designated area to call a home office. If you just pull up at the convert closet to office kitchen counter or sit on the living room couch, the daily distractions of your home will overwhelm you. Maybe you have a spare bedroom or a den that can be utilized and transformed into an office. There are many options for turning a spare room into a place you can work.

converting a closet to an office

When it comes to your home office, you should choose lighting that keeps you alert while creating an atmosphere you feel comfortable in and that fits into the design of your home. If space is at a real premium for a full home office setup why not try installing a Murphy desk. They can conveniently attach to any wall, even a cabinet or perhaps a closet if need be. Some models even have the added bonus of being collapsible so they can disappear out of sight when not in use. I’m sure this feature would be right up the alley of the minimalistically minded or for people with limited floor space.

Separate spaces with lighting

Decorate with colors that are going to invigorate and inspire you and reflect your personal style. Seemingly useless areas, like this narrow strip of wall facing the interior of the closet, don’t have to go to waste. With the addition of hooks it becomes a perfect place to hang tomorrow’s outfit or clothes you might not want to put back on the shelf but aren’t quite ready for washing yet.

But what if you don’t have an extra bedroom and you don’t have space to set up a desk in your room? Another side table has been used in this room to fit into a corner, but the star of the show here is the made-to-measure box shelf from Jali, painted in a strong green that makes it a smart graphic feature. Shelving in a bedroom should feel decorative as well as functional, and we love how colour, art and bespoke cubbies for magazines come together here. But how do you transition from your makeshift workspace on the couch to a more permanent solution? Here’s how to turn a spare bedroom or another unused area into a functional workspace.

What is a Cloffice?

Hebe is the Digital Editor of Livingetc; she has a background in lifestyle and interior journalism and a passion for renovating small spaces. You’ll usually find her attempting DIY, whether it’s spray painting her whole kitchen, don’t try that at home, or ever changing the wallpaper in her hallway. Be inspired by this closet office idea and built a workspace into that unused space. The only issue with doors is that you could end up creating quite a claustrophobic space, where you are sat essentially inside the cupboard with two open doors either side of your blocking out the light.

  • Faced with limited space for a work desk, Strachan decided to install a curved one in the corner of the room.
  • Whether you’re using a small box room or a part of a larger space, colour is key.
  • The kitchen can be a good space to work in, especially if you like to multitask and cook whilst you work.
  • If you have an open-plan kitchen design try transforming a dividing wall into a computer station.
  • A better route, in our opinion, is to use a company that specializes in fitted furniture.
  • Although you can, of course, spend much more for a bespoke build – from $8,000/£5,600 to $16,000/£11,500.

It still needs to feel like a bedroom, so it’s important not to take up too much space or introduce furniture that feels to functional. Small desks that can double up as side tables later, pretty lighting, decorative shelving, and a comfortable armchair are all excellent ideas for walking the line between bedroom and study. The first step to organising any space, is to get real about your needs and how you’d like the space to function. The space we’re working with is narrow, so we chose ALGOT, as it’s flexible and can be built directly into the closet. You’ll need a good balance of rails, drawers, and open shelving for your different types of clothing.

How do you integrate storage into a small home office?

To stop them taking over a small desk consider hanging planters. While real houseplants will always look best, if you’ll struggle to lift a hanging planter down to water it consider opting for faux plants. They have been proven to deliver similar stress-busting benefits and you don’t have to worry about water flooding your desk from above. Homes and interiors have always been a passion and she never tires of nosying around gorgeous homes, whether on TV, online, in print or in person, as well as being a serial shopper/bargain hunter.

  • If you also face the same issues, creating a place for yourself that is removed from the main living areas means you can now properly concentrate on your business tasks and finish them off on time.
  • Make sure you’re opening curtains and letting in the natural light during the day and try and arrange the room so the sun shines through the window and on to you and your colleagues.
  • For example, you can hang fairy lights above your TV bed to soften your sleeping zone and install a coloured spotlight above your desk to create a work zone.
  • Small home office ideas like with any other home office can always benefit from adding in a few houseplants.

Set against the deepness of the wood grain finish, it created a beautiful contrast that stays true to their modern home. Fit internal wardrobe lighting and as the doors open all your favorite items will instantly come into sharp focus. Some companies have units with fixed door sizes, adjusting the panels between them for a precise fit. But a truly bespoke design from a specialist company or individual joiner is a fabulous option as the frame, doors and all the fittings will be made to measure. A better route, in our opinion, is to use a company that specializes in fitted furniture. You need space to stand as well as for closet doors and drawers to open.

Hide it behind doors

In this article, I’ll discuss some thrifty, eco-friendly ways to transform the unused space in your home into the attractive, functional rooms you’ve been dreaming of. Does anyone remember Harry’s cornered existence in Privet drive? Pay homage to the one who lived by converting a wall recess into your very own home office.

What is office cabinet called?

A filing cabinet (or sometimes file cabinet in American English) is a piece of office furniture for storing paper documents in file folders. In the most simple context, it is an enclosure for drawers in which items are stored. The two most common forms of filing cabinets are vertical files and lateral files.

To achieve this, we created an open shelving space, which housed reading materials as well as a TV set and DVD collection. Photo of a small traditional gender neutral walk-in wardrobe in London with raised-panel cabinets, carpet and beige floors. This narrow master closet was designed to maximize every square foot of this space. His and Hers areas were duplicated using a drawer tower and a shelf tower. We also added a bench with a drawer and some double/ long hang. Small walk-in wardrobe in Raleigh with flat-panel cabinets, white cabinets and medium hardwood flooring.